Jesse Choo

Jesse is the kind of photographer who has his own unique way of capturing moments in various styles and skills be it in life or in photography; a story-teller, an entertainer at heart, a gifted intellectual with an eye for perfection and details. A happy-go-lucky person by nature with contagious laugh, his persona and positive aura enables him to thread and be one of the best candidate whenever children photography is concerned. His approachable demeanor enables him to transition effortlessly between children, product, still life, lifestyle campaigns and travel. As a nature lover and avid traveller, he bears the gift as an animal whisperer working to his advantage thus adding another feather to the cap. The recent tourism campaigns both photographed for local and global market further pushes the boundaries as he strive to make the best striking a close balance in the name of creativity. Jesse is also proudly known as a co-founder of CLIC Production with Melvin and Mak.